Living Out Loud (LOL)

Living out Loud (LOL) is a vibrant community filled with Christ centered youth members who are in the pursuit to grow in faith and serve the world. As a community, we strive to see Christ in everyone despite color, race, or form (our differences). It is our mission to cultivate the youth to live out their best faith. “Do not live in silence, live out loud.” 

LOL strives to create a safe haven where teens come willingly to express and grow in their faith as well as establish a sense of family. Our youth ministry is based upon the belief that we are all united in Christ as we embrace different cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs. Through acts of service and apostolic works, we will be the hands and feet of Christ for all those we encounter. Through prayer services, Bible sharings, and adorations, we will be able to deepen our faith in Christ. Through social events and bondings, we will be able to foster a close-knit community to grow in faith and work together.

For more information or questions regarding LOL, please email us at or contact us through our Instagram @livingoutloud.sp.

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